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March 29, 2023
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Koketit (Shira Barzilay)

Koketit (Shira Barzilay) (b. 1983)

Israeli-born Shira Barzilay lives and works in Tel Aviv. She completed her fashion studies at Shenkar College, Ramat Gan, where she was the youngest student, but then decided to branch out from fashion design. She is now best known for her koketit Instagram platform, which has almost half a million followers. The French term ‘koketit’ (coquette) encapsulates her philosophy; it denotes both ‘stylish girl’ and ‘flirt’. Her collaborations with many global brands have won her international recognition. In May 2022 she launched her first cover collaboration with Elle Norway, and she has recently launched her first NFT collaboration, Koketit Elements. Barzilay’s watchword is “The world is my canvas” and her series of this title, explores what happens when a few minimalist lines in the human form disrupt existing images and preconceptions, radically altering the expected narrative. About Parliament “This tangled one-line drawing is a stream of consciousness -that creates and manifests the faces of the ones I know, and that know me. We’re connected by our wishes ever evolving, twisting, and turning surrounded by grace. Together we are never alone, together we are home.”