Raelis Vasquez
Gallery II
January 26 2023 - March 25 2023

What does homecoming mean today, a time when millions have been driven from their homes by climate catastrophe, persecution, starvation, and war? What is home? Home can mean a literal homeland, a motherland, a fatherland. But home and homecoming can refer to an idea as well as a place.
Indeed, homecoming embraces both the literal and the spiritual. Connecting with family is one of the most beautiful forms of homecoming – home is where the heart is.

Homecoming can also mean learning to be at home in your skin or learning to be at home in the world – it is a spiritual rather than a physical journey, but a journey nonetheless. We travel back and forth in time as well as through space. Memory and imagination are intrinsic to homecoming; what do we anticipate as we approach home, and are our dreams some- times shattered by harsh reality?

Homecoming is a journey, and an old saying has it that it’s better to travel than to arrive. The 26 works of the 18 artists featured
in this exhibition engage with all these ideas about homecoming. For some, homecoming is a state of mind; for others, ‘homecoming’ is literal, aliyah. Alternatively, home- coming is literal in another way, a return to a place of familiarity, a garden, a beach, a studio. Some see homecoming as a joyful return to our shared home, the soil of the beautiful blue planet earth itself, or In a completely different way, a return to the world of our common humanity. For others, home is their work, their studio and even the act of drawing or creation itself.

But for all these artists, their work is about telling us their stories.
Sometimes these stories are coherent, but most of the time, their stories are incomplete, fragmented, imagined or even irrational. By expanding the language of homecoming, the body of work in this exhibition reminds us that works of art have the potential to speak a powerful universal language that relates to us all.

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