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March 29, 2023
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Joseph Munyau Baraka

Joseph Munyau Baraka (b. 1996)

Born in Kenya, self-taught Joseph Munyau Baraka indulged his passion for art from an early age but did not consider it seriously as a possible career until the work he posted on Facebook started attracting offers of payment. At this point, his work focussed exclusively on animals, with which he identifies and empathizes in very human terms. His current work accordingly features humans and animals in harmonious companionship. Baraka has exhibited in BHM group exhibition with Ballon Rouge gallery in Belgium(2022), The Cabin in LA California by Danny First(2022), PM/AM gallery group show in London (2022), Eligere gallery group show in Seoul Korea (2022) / Korean International Art Fair in Seoul Korea with Eligere gallery (2022), Art Basel Paris with Lorin gallery (2022), Solo show with Lorin gallery USA Los Angeles (2022) Key to his often-humorous interpretations is a vibrant palette of strong colours. The surreal nature of his style and mood reflects the wildness he identifies in familiar, everyday things, from cats and dogs to handbags and books.