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March 29, 2023
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Lizzie Zelter

Lizzie Zelter (b. 1996)

Born and raised in New York City, Lizzie Zelter is an MFA graduate in Visual Arts/Painting at Columbia University, having graduated in 2018, magna cum laude, from Duke University’s Global Cultural Studies program in Literature. She has exhibited paintings and sculpture in group shows at a number of New York galleries. Zelter’s work engages with the process of place-making and explores the sensations of disorientation and the uncanny in everyday life. Her art probes the blurred, obscure nature of our perception of moving through space and time, utilizing “fracturing, mirroring and scale shifts to intervene and expose the strangeness of a world.” Cell compartments, paintings within a painting, create a metafictional experience, giving visual expression to sensations that transcend the boundaries of language. Precision is rejected; no final analysis is possible. On the contrary, writes Zelter, “Mystery and multiplicity are key for me, the divided after image of memory and reality converging.”