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March 29, 2023
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Milan Young

Milan Young (b.1997)

African-American Young currently lives and works in Maryland, USA and is represented by Gillian Jason Gallery. She participated in the group show FOR THE TL in Miami and featured on Art Connects ‘Artist to Watch’ column. Her first UK exhibition in May 2022 sold out and she held her first solo show, ‘Trails of Vision’, begun at the GJG residency in Italy in July 2022 and completed in GJG, London. Young’s practice hovers in a state of constant tension between chaos and premeditation. Her abstract expressionist style conveys the former, while chromatic order and thematic coherence signal the latter. Her work engages with colour theory and explores a range of social, cultural, and scientific domains, together with childhood trauma, a recurring theme. Young works with a diversity of media, ranging from charcoal and graphite to oil and coloured pencil.